SLOW                                   MEDIUM                                  FAST

   The Mooche (Eb)                        Rent Party Blues (Bb)    

   Weary Blues (F)                           Hot Mustard  (F)

   Tin Roof Blues (Bb)                     Save it Pretty Mama (F)            Take Your Tomorrow (F)

   Mood Indigo (Bb)                        The Doormouse (F)                   Some of these Days (F)

   Immigration Blues (F)                  Singing The Blues (Eb)              Nyboders Pris (Eb)    

   Georgia on my Mind (F)               Oriental Strut (F)                       Three Blind Mice   (ES)

   Smoke Rings (DES)                     Milenberg Joys (Ab)                  Weary Blues  (F)

   Gee Baby Aint I good .. (Es)         Michigander Blues (F)               Goose Pimples (Ab)

   Dardanella (Bb/Ab)                       No Moon At All (F)                     The Baltimore (F)

   Blue River (Eb)                              La Roulotte  (F)                          Clap Yo Hands (F)

                                                         I'm Comin' Virginia (F)               The Chant (Ab/F) 

                                                         I get The Blues (C)

                                                         Davenport Blues (ES)

                                                         Zulu Wail   (ES)

                                                         From Monday On (BES)


Upcoming gigs

Time: 15:30

About the band!

"In 2012, after 22 years, Robert Duis left the Limehouse-Jazzband.
To play the music of the "Hot Five & the Hot Seven" was our idea to start
a HOT SIX - combination => Blue River Jazz Band

and a Adrian Rollini Project under the name:

                            "OLD DUTCH & NEW ORLEANS"

        with Bass-Sax / Contra-Bass / Banjo and Cornet.
In a way we might describe our music as a combination of less rigid arranged
"collectives" and a lot of freedom.
People can both listen to- and can dance on our music.
Our "BLUE RIVER JAZZ BAND" has a repertory of very well known pieces and
also tunes we might call: "Forgotten Melodies".
"Musicians" - on the website - shows the names of the band-members.
All come from very well known jazz-bands in our country".

Contact us!

Robert Duis

 0031 (0) 6 - 53 47 11 85